H&R Reising Model 65 .22 military trainer

about 5 years ago
H&R Reising Model 65 .22 military trainer
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For the collector of .22 caliber military trainers, here is USGI H&R Reising model 65 that dates to 1943, when H&R made around 9000 of these for the US Marines. It was intended to simulate in weight and "feel" the M1 Garand. Later, some were given a nice civilian finish and sold as the "leatherneck"
The rifle is in about 90-95% overall condition. It has the original sights. The bore is bright and shiney, it functions flawlessly when fed a diet of Minimags, standard velocity wont function the heavy bolt. The stock has been cleaned up and a coat of Brownells Military OX applied for an exact WWII dull military finish. These rifles were finished with a very thin, very light color of gray parkerizing, almost looks like bare metal. There are a few scratches on the metal as you might expect with the worst of them being on the front sight. There are also a few very small areas of minor pitting. I have personally fired about 300 rounds through this rifle and the accuracy was acceptable, function never stuttered. The slling is old but pliable, might be the original. Weight is a little over 9 pounds, with one 10-round mag. Only one small defect , there is a pin that you push in to hold the bolt back, there is a spring that is supposed to retract the pin but the spring is cracked so you have to use a fingernail to do the retracting.
$395.00 for the rifle includes shipping TYD and insurance. No sales to California, New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. C&R is OK. Your dealer must accept shipment from a private citizen.