For sale or trade- 6.5-284 custom barrel nut build

almost 2 years ago
For sale or trade-  6.5-284 custom barrel nut build
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Long Range Hunting

I love this rifle but just haven't used it much, figured I'd throw it out there and see what happens..
All components were new when installed minus the trigger.
Stevens 200 long action, top bolt release
Hs precision m24 stock
X-caliber 26" varmint contour threaded 5/8x24. Chambered by x-caliber
Factory savage bottom metal
Sss trigger (set really low)
Warne mountain tech rail
Northland precision nut and lug
Schuler brake and protector
Oversized factory savage bolt knob
Barrel, bolt body, nut, lug, brake and protector, and I think bottom metal professionally Cerakoted.
Rifle will come with log book and load data. has 88 documented rounds down the pipe. I've only ran 140 vldh through it and between the two (4 shot group) ladder tests I shot through it it put up a .245 with a 15-20 x wind. Bullets were seated .065 off lands for test, I'm sure there's much room for improvement. I managed to save one target but have all group sizes in log book. Stock has not yet been epoxy bedded.
I have about $1750 in parts and cerakote in the rifle, I would deliver to ffl in the lower 48 for $1600.
***scope, rings and bipod are not included in price***. They could be added in for $1,000 firm. Vx-6 3-18x50 tmoa reticle in warne mountain tech rings. This scope hasn't been sighted in on rifle yet, I bore sighted it but haven't shot in since mounting it.
Scope not for sale by itself. I'm keeping the $30 bipod..
Would consider working trade deals for-
Custom remingtons
Model 7 in 260 or compact in 223
Something lighter maybe m40 style or ?
More geared for white tail hunting.
Maybe a sbe II or new A5
Try me, calibers I'm currently most interested in are 260, 30.06 and who knows..
Thanks for looking.