Custom 308 in AI 2.0 stock w/Bartlein barrel

over 2 years ago
FS: Custom 308 in AI 2.0 stock w/Bartlein barrel
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Tacoma, WA

This rifle started as an SPS Tactical, but the only component retained from the original rifle is the receiver. The receiver has been perfected, with work including having the bolt raceway trued, bolt lugs lapped and faced, threads trued, and bolt body replaced with a custom ground bolt. The Bartlein barrel was cut to 24" in length, chambered, and crowned then fitted to the receiver and stock. The craftsman behind this is Keith Perry at Racing Ordnance and his rifle has been exceptionally accurate w/Sierra 175gr SMK and has repeatedly center punched steel @ 1200yds with only basic handloading. Round count is right at 850, so this barrel has a long legs still left in it.
Rifle Breakdown:
PT&G Fluted Bolt Body
Fluted Remington Steel Firing Pin
Badger Ordnance 20 moa Base
Timney Calvin Elite Single Stage trigger
Bartlein 24 MTU Contour 1/10 Twist 5R Barrel Chambered in .308
Badger Ordnance Maximized Recoil Lug
AICS 2.0 Stock w/Tan Viperskins + factory original Black Thumbhole skins. (AI aluminum chassis was milled to fit the Badger recoil for an extremely snug fit).
AI spigot (soo much better than using the traditional bipod attachment on the stock).
Tactical Handle TIG Welded and Timed by ACCU-TIG
2x Magpul AICS 5rd magazines
Wiebad stock pad
Asking $2150 shipped or trade for a Vortex Razor 4.5-27x56mm w/EBR-2C reticle
*Larue bipod and scope/rings are not included in sale.