WTS Custom Remington 700 .308 Monterey County

12 months ago
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(city or county): Monterey County

Remington 700
Model: Custom
Caliber: .308
Location (city or county): Monterey County
Price: $2,200
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: Getting out of .308 because I like .300wm a lot more
Predator Custom Shop did the work on the action to include; squaring the face, recut the barrel threads to be both straight and fit the threads cut into the barrel. Refaced the bolt lug recesses so they would be square, lapped the bolt for more contact. The bolt face was touched up to be both flat and square.
After that, it was thrown into a McMillian A5, Badger M5 bottom metal (takes AICS mags), Badger accessory rail, Nightforce 20 MOA scope base, Timney Trigger at 2.5 lbs, Bartlien M24 barrel, 1 in 11.25" twist, 24", and Badger Mini-FTE muzzle brake
Spartan Precision did the work on chambering and fitting the barrel to the action.
Barrel has just under 1,000 rounds through it and I have all the brass that'll go with it. All of it is FGMM and fire-formed to this rifle.
With factory 175gr FGMM, this rifle consistently does 5 shot groups in the .5"s. With my own handloads, I've achieved 5 shot groups in the .3"s many times with a best group in the .2"s. I will also be including roughly 450 175gr SMK's as well as 96 168gr SMK's.
So in all you are buying the rifle, RCBS gold medal match die, brass, and projectiles. Bipod, scope, and rings not included.