► BARRETT M99 416 w/ 60 Rounds of Factory Ammunition San Diego / Orange County

about 1 year ago
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Cal Guns

This is a LNIB Barrett M99 chambered in 416 and comes with the 60 rounds of factory Barrett ammunition and Barrett scope rings (Would not advise using other scope rings as they cannot handle the recoil).
Rifle has seen one range trip and has been a safe queen ever since, not a single blemish, mark, scratch anywhere to be found.
Due to the fantastic integrated muzzle brake Barrett is known for, it recoils less than my 12 gauge 870. I was expecting a typical Bolt Action trigger but this has PHENOMENAL match trigger. Any M99 owner can attest to that. Reminds me of my Jewel Trigger I had on my Remington 700.
The 416 round is no joke and is the successor to the ancient but proven 50BMG. Developed by Barrett's son, the 416 has flatter trajectory, superior ballistics as it shoots like a laser unaffected by wind or other elements...resulting in a deadly accuracy.
A GOOD scope on her and you are ready to rock and roll.
I must advise this rifle is classified as anti-material.
Barrett is packaged in the included pelican case with foam cutouts, Barrett Bipod is of course included along with the 60 rounds of factory ammunition, still sealed.
The only reason I'm parting with the Barrett is due to the birth of my first child (as many calgunners know). Word on the street is that daughters are expensive and cost more than boys.
Mandatory duty to make the boss (wife) happy and sell off some of my investments to buy a stroller, car seats, diapers, etc etc.
Priced to sell at $2860.