Remington 721 in 6mm Heavy barrel

over 6 years ago
Remington 721 in 6mm Heavy barrel
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Long Range Hunting

Remington 721 in 6mm Heavy barrel
For sale Remington 721 in 6mm rem. Heavy barrel in a modified sendero stock, trigger set @ 2.5 lbs.
For sale for $625 plus shipping to your FFL.
I bought this rifle to make into a 6mm AI for dog hunting but changed my mind and decided to build what I want instead.
according to the previous owner... "the rifle was originally built by Hart, it has a hart barrel and was chambered in a 6mm-06 and shot 1" groups @ 200 yards which he wasn't acceptable with. It was then sent to Buchanan Precision and re-chambered to a 6mm rem. and was able to get acceptable grouping. The rifle has a plunger on the side of the action for bolt removal installed by Hart. a Model 700 style trigger. The rifle has less than 200 rounds down the tube."
I purchased the rifle to shoot prairie dogs and coyotes with and it's a little heavy to pack.
I shot a few rounds and got similar results but didn't spend time working on loads.
Shot a few loads with 70gr to 87gr bullets that shot at or under an inch @ 200 yards.
The price is what I paid for it and just like to get my money back.
It's a steal for the price but someones going to get a good deal.
Scope, rings
and shipping not included.
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