Remington PSS in 300 RUM/Ammo kit.

about 5 years ago
Remington PSS in 300 RUM/Ammo kit.
Oakland Tactical
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For sale is a Remington PSS in 300 RUM/Ammo kit. Round count is between 176 and 231. I am the original owner but cant find my log for it so count is based on the brass I have on hand and the brass I sold to my buddy, I had a case of 500. I have shot a 3 round sub ? inch group at 200 with this setup but I cant locate the target either. NO BRAKE so it kicks your ass like a mule.
Remington PSS 300 RUM
Shilen Trigger 2.5#
H&S Precision DBM with 2 magazines
H&S Precision PSTO25 fully finger adjustable LOP and cheek rise stock with thumb wheel riser to set elevation.
GG&G 20 MOA steel base
GG&G 30 MM steel rings ( These rings did not leave any ring marks on my NF NSX scope looked like new)
Now for the Ammo and brass:
110 Pieces of new Remington 300 RUM Brass
55 Pieces of once fired 300 RUM Brass
150 New brass loaded with 180 SMKs
22 New brass loaded with 220 SMKs
22 New brass loaded with 180 Swift Sirocco
20 New brass loaded with 190 SMKs
20 Rounds of factory 200g Nosler partition
17 Rounds of factory 180g Nosler partition
Set of RCBS 300 RUM reloading dies
$2200 $2100 $2000 $1950 shipped for the everything.

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