2 Ruger Mini's: Ranch Rifle 223 + Mini 14, in East Bay, No shipping

over 2 years ago
2 Ruger Mini's: Ranch Rifle 223 + Mini 14, in East Bay, No shipping
Available on
Cal Guns
conveniently for both parties

This is in Berkeley, CA.
You know, the People's Republic! PRB, for short.[/B]
Please NOTE: I'll be available for these deals until April 5, then only after June 9. Thank you.
Private party transfer at an FFL dealer located conveniently for both parties.
These deals are intended for the Bay Area, if you happen to be too far from it, I can't meet you half way, sorry, no shipping either.
Please read the whole thing before writing me or making an offer or agreeing to buy an item.
No trades: I'm (reluctantly) selling some of my guns, because I need space in my safe, and I need the money, so a trade will not fit in my plans at this time, sorry. Please note that I reduced somewhat the prices since I first posted the ad, this is the first, only and last price reduction, I won't go any lower, please don't ask. I'm not selling these rifles because I don't like them or because there's something wrong with them, I just want to put some order in my safe and in my finances, I don't mind if they don't sell, I like them, they're American classics!
Guns that are pending sale will be immediately marked (SPF).
Guns sold will be marked (SOLD) , then removed from the list when I get the time.
If the deal falls through, I remove the note(s).
If an item doesn't have either of the above two notes/marks, it is still available.
First "I'll take it/the..." followed by an E-mail or Private Message gets it, pending their approval on inspection and successful transfer.
If you decide to buy something and so indicate by posting "I'll take it" and sending me an E-mail or Private Message, please follow up with contacting me within 24 hours for meeting arrangements, transfer, place, time, etc.
If you do so and we have a meeting arranged, I'll mark the item (SPF) otherwise I'll continue the ad and take the next offer that leads to a meeting arrangement.
And, after two recent botched P2P FFL dealer transfer attempts, I see myself obliged to ask that you have prepared and in your possession all the documents necessary to complete a PPT transaction when we meet at an FFL dealer.
See check-list below and please don't mind if you already know all these, my experience shows that even people who know everything, may forget or overlook something:
1. Valid, current, unexpired California ID or Driver's License
2. Secondary proof of CA residence (utility bill, or rental contract, or vehicle registration, all in your name).
3. For transferring handguns or long guns: Handgun or Long Gun
Safety Certificate by the DOJ, available from dealers or on-line, see California DOJ site.
They're separate certificates, $25 each, valid 5 yrs.
A pox on both their houses!
4. If you declare you have a firearms safe, know the make and model of it, or be ready to bring a Cal. DOJ approved lock when you pick up the firearm.
5. Depending on jurisdiction (town) and dealer, you may have to bring a locking case when picking up handguns, after the 10 days - ask the dealer.
Once more, for all items below, and all items in any of my threads, I'm in Berkeley, California, and I'm not moving, and I'm not shipping.
If an item needs an FFL dealer transfer, will meet at a dealer conveniently located, distance wise, for both of us, providing you're somewhere in the Greater Bay Area (from Berkeley to Fremont and from Alameda to Livermore) and not beyond.
Buyer pays the transfer fee.
Ruger RANCH RIFLE in 223, Stainless Steel, with Synthetic stock, picture below.
Will safely shoot 223 Remington and the 5.56 military round (NATO, which has higher pressures).
This is written in the Operator's manual (http://www.ruger.com/products/_manuals/mini.pdf) and on the Ruger site.
The only Ruger Mini that will NOT safely shoot the 5.56 round is the target rifle, and this one is not a target rifle.
Count unknown (bought it used) but nice outside and with good rifling inside.
Comes with one Magazine (shown) US made, "Millett" 10 rounds, of course.
No box, no papers, manual available on line at the address indicated above, or free hard copy from Ruger. $725, cash, firm, buyer pays transfer at a dealer conveniently located for both parties.
I'm still in Berkeley, CA, and don't intend to move any time soon.
RANCH RIFLE in 223 Remington
[B]Ruger Mini-14 in Stainless, the original, NOT the Ranch Rifle, no scope mount, wood stock, serial number group: 186. Has mount installed for tripod, but tripod not present - I never had it - but I left the mount in place, it protects the stock.
Comes with original
flush 5-round blued magazine, and two stainless 10 rd. after-market magazines - what you see in the photo is what you get.
$750, firm, cash, not interested in trades, will not ship, will meet you half way if you live in the Bay Area, buyer pays transfer fee.
Be aware that in 2015 one needs a special safety certificate for rifles/shotguns, like the one they foisted upon us for handguns, but separate and in addition to.
Knife safety certificate for short knives.
Long knives, later, don't worry.
And this is still in Berkeley, CA, I have yet to move
RUGER Mini 14, Cal. 223, Stainless/Wood - The original!
Please don't answer in the thread, unless it's to say "I'll take it" and whatever it is you're taking.
For other answers, offers, advice, observations or snide remarks, please use Private message or E-mail.
Thank you for reading all this,
in Berkeley, of course.