WTS Hanyang Type 88 wall hanger rifle for parts or project

over 4 years ago
WTS Hanyang Type 88 wall hanger rifle for parts or project
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I bought this as a throw-in about 20 years ago, and have just had it hanging on the wall. Appears to be a hodgepodge of parts; probably somebody's failed resto project.
The good: The action works flawlessly. The bolt and receiver appear to have had surface rust cleaned off them, but are not badly pitted; have nice patina and markings are still visible, if worn. Looks like the manufacture date is "30," which I assume means 30 years after the Republic of China was founded in 1912, so 1942. Interesting small, deep cartouche on the stock. C&R eligible, comes with original Gewehr 88 Commission rifle buttplate, and replica Ge88 cleaning rod.
The issues: Stock is missing buttplate, seems to have been shortened very amateurishly (the cut isn't square). I bought an original Gewehr 88 buttplate, and it doesn't fit. Rear barrel band is missing the sling swivel. Couple sling screws are missing or non-original. Front barrel band is from a Type 24 Chiang Kai Shek rifle, and doesn't fit; the cleaning rod hole doesn't line up with the hole in the stock. The bore is badly pitted and not shootable. There is pitting under the wood on the outside of the barrel.
These appear to be quite rare, so I'm sure it's worth something. Open to offers.