7 Rifle Golf ( 7 SAUM with a 50 degree shoulder ) custom gun FS

over 1 year ago
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Long Range Hunting

Guys I am selling my 7 rifle golf. What it is, is a 7 SAUM with a 50 degree shoulder.
It was Smithed by Cody Farr of Codys Custom Guns.
It has only been shot 3 times by him. He said it will push a 180 grain Berger around 3000 fps. I have 100 pieces of Norma 7 SAUM brass and hornady die set and a resuzing die he made for it. I don't have time to shoot like I like anymore so this one is up for grabs. I can text or email pics to serious buyers. The price for complete gun and dies and brass is $3200 shipped and insured in CONUS. Components are listed below. If buyer is local I can lower price. ( Cody is 204farr on here if you have any questions and want to ask the smith )
SS Rem 700 S.A. trued and blueprinted .
Custom bolt knob
Wyatts mag box
Rem 700 BDL bottom metal
Timney trigger
Proof Research carbon fiber barrel 8 twist 26" plus shrew brake.
McMillan Hunter stock,
2 SS sling studs decelerator butt pad.
.25 Holland recoil lug
Hornady 7 SAUM die set
Custom sizing die made pt&g die blank using 7 RG resize reamer.