Gear Bonanza- Build An Entire Loudout In One Spot!Hydro,Pouches,PC, Etc..UPDATED

over 3 years ago
Gear Bonanza- Build An Entire Loudout In One Spot!Hydro,Pouches,PC, Etc..UPDATED
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M4 Carbine

Prices include shipping, unless otherwise stated.
All items new/like new unless otherwise stated.
I accept PP or MO.
PM here is best way to contact.
Items for sale:
MSM Stealth Admin- CB-$25
ESSTAC Double Pistol Kywi- doublestack mags- RG-$20
ESSTAC Single Pistol Kywi- doublestack mags- 2 available- RG-$12 Each
Source Vagabond 2L (no QD sockets)- $20
SKD BRIG- CB- MOLLE Back- $95Sized for VS P34 Lvl III Plates
Mayflower APC Cummberbund- CB- Small- $55
SKD PIG Soft Backer Insert Panels-
SKD PIG Hydro- RG- 3L- $50
SKD PIG- RG- 2L- $45Slight pull in the threading on the corner of the (2L) topmost middle Velcro area. Came this way from SKD.
Otherwise brand new.
Emdom Battle Suspenders- CB- S/M- $40I'm pretty sure these are complete with the sternum strap and all the velcro tabs. Otherwise brand new
Esstac DST Med Pouch- RG- $40
Stealth Compact Admin Pouch- RG- SOLD
MSM Patch Panel- $5 *WITH any other order (otherwise $10)
Marz Tactical Dagger Sleeve- SOLD
Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E Pack- Original- OD- Includes Pack Frame Insert- $100
Esstac Kywi Double M4- RG- Included MALICE clips- ONE LEFT- $30
Esstac Kywi Single M4/ Double Pistol Combo- RG- $40
Ares Armor- Double stack x6 M4 Bungee shingle- OD- $25
TT Double Pistol Mag Pouch- CB- $25Includes factory plastic inserts
TT Double Pistol Mag Pouch- OD- $20Plastic insert centers cut to accept Glock/doublestack mags- Did a clean job, cant tell it wasnt that way from the factory. Otherwise new.
ATS Double Pistol Pouch- RG- $15
ATS Single Pistol Pouch- RG- $10Molle strap tab was unsewn to get a better fit when mounted- does not affect function, did a clean job. Otherwise new (mounted never used)
Emdom CQB Single Pistol pouch- CB-ish- $10 ea.
Emdom 3o2 Stacked Pistol Mag pouch- RG-ish- New with tags- $15 ea.
Thanks for looking!