RG-31 Saturday Night Special 38sp $100

over 1 year ago
RG-31 Saturday Night Special 38sp $100
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Northwest Firearms

RG-31 Saturday Night Special 38sp. I picked it up as a tackle box gun, then decided it was harder to clean the fish after I shot them. Pretty basic. Cylinder retainer rod unscrews and the cylinder opens. Rod is used to push spent cases out (Much like Nagant revolver). Never had to use the rod as cylinder is clean and the cases slide out with gravity. Aluma-Hyde coated frame, Grips are plastic with chips and cracks (see photo). I've put about 50 rds thru it without any problems. Belly gun that fires about 18" high at around 20'. $100. MUST take place in Eugene/Springfield area. BUYER pays all fees at FFL of your choice. Oak Grove Guns will do it for $30. No shipping. No trades.