WTS: M1903 Springfield

almost 3 years ago
WTS: M1903 Springfield
Rock Island
Terry N.
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Varmint Hunters
Yuma, AZ

Thinning the herd.
I have a 'high-number' Rock Island M1903 rifle for sale.
This is NOT a collector's-grade rifle, and it is priced accordingly.
It has been arsenal-rebuilt at least once; SA 9-40 barrel, Remington bolt, etc.
It does have all milled hardware except for the magazine follower.
It was allowed to develop a fair amount of surface rust at some point, and there is fine pitting on the receiver, rear sight base, and muzzle.
It was reparkerized after that at some point.
I 'won' this rifle in a CMP lottery back around 1998; I have not fired the rifle since then, so it needs to go.
Unfortunately in the multiple moves that I have made since then, the CMP paperwork has been lost.
It sits in a WWII-production Type 'C' pistol grip stock, complete with not one, but two OGEK (Ogden Arsenal, Elmer Keith inspector) stamps!
It has dents and dings, but no cracks.
The bore is Good as opposed to Excellent.
It took me a lot of scrubbing to get all the carbon and copper out of the bore, but it looks like it should still shoot.
If you would like to see pictures of a specific area or feature, just ask.
Sorry, no trades; I need the cash for other projects.
I will sell it for $500 OBRO plus shipping, with payment either by cash (at your own risk) or USPS money order
the kind you get at the Post Office.
Payment by any other means will be returned and the item relisted.
Payment is due within seven (7) days.
Post an 'I'll take it,' and follow up with a PM for payment instructions.
Must ship to Type 01 or 03 FFL unless you're in Arizona.
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