AK Egyptian, Arab marked, Romanian barrel in OC

over 1 year ago
AK Egyptian, Arab marked, Romanian barrel in OC
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I've built a lot of AKs and ended up selling most of them off but this is one I kept for myself. It is in original style condition with the best parts. The barrel is chrome lined hammer forged Romanian, Nodak receiver, and the rifle is Parkerized, not painted. I purposely left the wood just the way it was when it was taken out of service. I made an effort to keep the finish of all of the metal parts a similar finish. This rifle is a piece of history and regardless of which story you believe this particular batch of Egyptian rifles has done some traveling to different conflicts. The older I get the harder it is for me to keep up with our messed up CA laws so I won't include a magazine with the rifle. It has the usual mag lock in place and if I understand it correctly this has to be transferred to the buyer by 12/21/2016 to make it before the new law regarding rifles with 'bullet buttons'. $1200 and no trades or shipping.