AK Egyptian Orange County No Shipping

over 1 year ago
AK Egyptian Orange County No Shipping
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Orange County

This is not the AK for the average buyer that just wants an AK to shoot. You can buy an average AK for much less money. If you want a little bit of history and a rifle worthy of collecting this might be for you. Arabic markings, Nodak Spud receiver, highly desirable chrome lined hammer forged Romanian barrel, correct pistol grip and rear sight leaf. Pistol grip and mag lock will be removed prior to transfer. I have built quit a few AKs and this is one I kept for myself. Ever since I had shoulder surgery shooting rifles has been painful and it kills me to keep seeing nice rifles in the safe that I don't shoot. I want $1050 for this AK, and it has only been test fired. The only trades I would have interest in are high end 1911s or pre lock S&W revolvers. For a high end 1911 trade I would add another AK of some type to make it even. While you're at it buy my Corvette also, lol.