AK47 Training Rifle 22LR Romanian-built WASR-22

about 1 year ago
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22LR ammunition is a LOT cheaper to shoot than 7.62x39
This is a Romanian-built WASR-style AK Training Rifle chambered in 22 Long Rifle.
It includes two 10rnd magazines (so it should be California legal, right?).
Same appearance, weight and handling as a standard AK47.
See three images below.
I purchased this rifle new about ten years ago and converted it from thumbhole stock to a standard AK47 rifle configuration.
Converting an AK47 to US compliance typically involves replacing the following six foreign parts with American-made parts:
Pistol grip
Gas piston (NA)
Muzzle break (NA)
FWIW, You could also swap out the foreign-made hand guards for USA-made, which counts as two parts.
The process requires reducing the foreign parts count to an arbitrary number specified by the U.S. government.
Because this rifle is chambered for 22LR, there is no gas piston and no muzzle break, so the required parts count is achieved by replacing just four parts instead of six.
The buttstock is from a Romanian AK47.
Easy to remove and refinish.
I replaced the Romanian trigger group (hammer, trigger, sear) with a nice Tapco G2 double-hook set.
The original thumbhole buttstock is included in this sale, as is the original Romanian trigger group.
So if you chose to, you could return the rifle to its original thumbhole configuration (BUT WHY?!!!)
I didn’t put more than 100 rounds through it.
This model is known for EJECTION PROBLEMS in it’s original/untweaked condition, BUT IS CORRECTIBLE IF YOU’RE WILLING TO SORT IT OUT.
I’m no gunsmith.
If you are, or just enjoy tinkering, you’ll find resources/guidance online.
THE PRICE IS $600 and YES, I will ship (I'm in Nebraska).
This one has seen almost no use and is improved beyond the standard/original configuration.
Buy it, tweak it and have a blast at the range.
Your wife, daughter or girlfriend will ENJOY shooting this one, and it should be perfect for teaching young kids.
Here's an interesting article that provides a decent overview:
The article references three YouTube videos:.
The second is a guy who loves his WASR-22 after sorting it out:
The first is a “Pros and Cons” video that gives a fair indication of the high overall quality and the workings.
See his simple QUICK FIX at 6:00 in the video:
See this thread for insight into fixes.
Disregard the #3 post.
See post 4, then 5 and 6:
Here’s a Google search page with lots of “Romanian WASR 22LR” references:
And here’s an old CalGuns.net thread where Californians were hot to get their hands on these.
At 10rnds I assume it’s legal under current California law…
If you’re in CA, please make sure first, and then PM me: