Czech VZ24, Yugo M24/47, Chinese T53 Mosin Nagant

about 1 year ago
McNally M.
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[b]Make: Czechoslovakian VZ 24
[b]Model: Mauser
[b]Caliber: 8mm Mauser
[b]Location: Irvine
[b]Price: $350
[b]Will ship: No
[b]Other info: Very nice example of a Russian capture Romanian contract rifle built in 1937. As with most RC's the crest has been scrubbed and parts are not matching. However the bolt and receiver match each other. The trigger guard and magazine floor plate also match eachother and are unique in that both parts have German Waffenamt marks. Condition wise, this rifle is in very nice refurbished shape. All metal parts (except the bolt) have a solid 100% bluing. The bore is great shape, while dark it still has strong lands and groove. The trigger guard still has all its capture screws, but the rifle is missing the cleaning rod. The stock has been refinished by a previous owner and there is some rust on the handguard and barrel band.
[b]Make: Yugoslavian M24/47
[b]Model: Mauser
[b]Caliber: 8mm Mauser
[b]Location: Irvine
[b]Price: $300
[b]Will ship (Y/N): No
[b]Other info: Fairly standard issued condition M24/47 workhorse. This rifle is a refurb of an earlier Serbian M24 Mauser as evident by some light manufacturing marks on the receiver (too faint for the the pictures to capture). Condition is good with about 80% bluing. Bore is in great shape with strong lands and grooves. Stock is in typical issued condition while the handguard is slightly splintered at the end. All parts, including the stock, are numbers matching. Rifle has its cleaning rod but missing sight cover.
[b]Make: Chinese T53 Carbine
[b]Model: Mosin Nagant
[b]Caliber: 7.62x54R
[b]Location (city or county): Irvine
[b]Price: $250
[b]Will ship (Y/N): No
[b]Other info: Good condition issued Chinese T53. In better shape than of most the Chicom guns that were imported a few years ago. The metal is in very nice condition and retains about 95% of the bluing. Receiver is dated 1955. Parts are mismatched, as it typical with these guns. Comes with original cleaning rod, which is fairly uncommon for these rifles. The bore is dark and little frosty but lands and grooves look good. Stock is pretty beat up but is not cracked or splintered.
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