FN 49 $650 firm

about 1 year ago
Available on
Cal Guns
Vista, CA

8mm Mauser
San Diego County:
$650 firm
Local or buyer pays shipping:
I have 200 rd of high quality Romanian surplus the buyer can pick up for another $100 otherwise, it will stay and keep my K98 company
Excellent condition overall, the stock has a small crack under the barrel on the forend. I have already sealed it so it shouldn't extend.
I just never shot this rifle, and am going to move it so someone else can enjoy it.
Get yourself Europe's answer to the Garand and Papa to the FAL!
small crack on bottom of forend.
enhanced to highlight crack.
Crack has been glued already and shouldn't change.
Post of I'll take it with PM to follow. time stamp on PM dictates
Please post all questions and comments to PM.
(Legalese disclaimer).
Failed 4473 on this purchase by buyer will result in forfeit of 20% of purchase price, + reasonable gas/shipping to return rifle to me. (I reserve right to waive penalty if you have a decent reason for the failed 4473 - my discretion on this).
Thanks for looking!