Romanian AK Underfolder, shipping only

about 1 year ago
Available on
Cal Guns
Los Angeles County

Before reading further I want to make something clear. I am taking cell biology class this semester and neither have the time or energy to spend 2 hours and meet up for a transfer. For this reason I am doing shipping ONLY as I can drop it off at the post office on the way to class.
Second the gun will need a new dust cover or buffer. I've fired 30 shots through this thing and the carrier rode off the rails once. I do not believe it's the rivets because they were predrilled on a Morrisey receiver. The cover is a cheap one I got and it doesn't like up perfectly due to small damage on dust cover hole, you can see it in the pictures provided. ALL OTHER numbered parts are matching except for the dust cover. Headspace was done professionally and not by myself, although it appears perfect with my go/nogo gauges.
Firearm will come without the pistol grip attached as to comply with featureless rules. I can throw in the bullet button for free, although you cannot add it to this rifle. Folder is "pinned" and cannot fold. As you can see converting it to a folder would be easy.
-Morrissey underfolder receiver
-Romanian Kit
-Polish pistol grip
-AK builder nitride barrel
$520 shipped via paypal only and I'm not interested in trades unless you have a CNC warrior micro galil receiver