Getting out of .308

over 2 years ago
Getting out of .308
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Northwest Firearms

Rossi Wizard Rifle
Rossi Wizard .308 single shot rifle.
308 Lee Ultimate Reloading Dies 4-set like new. With extra sizing rod.
Rossi Wizard Single Shot .308 Rifle
308 Brass once fired 500+ct. Hornady de-primed & 500+ mixed cleaned
w/ primers removed tumble cleaned. (Total 1375+ ) trays not included.
Nosler .308 155g HPBT 150ct.
Nosler .308 BTBT 48ct.
Hornady XTP 150g (30-30) 60ct.
Lyman .308 Case Gauge
Tipton .30 Brass Jag
RCBE Bullet puller collets #30
.30 Brass Jag
Scope Rings 1
Custom Stock
Rossi Rifle Carry Case
Berrys Clear 308 Cases (16)
Lee 300 AAC Black Out Dies (New)
Lee 9-mm Dies
500 ct. mixed 9-mm brass
Gun Digest Classic American Combat Rifles
Nosler 2016 Catalog with Bullet Chart
Sierra 2016 Catalog with Bullet Chart
$500.00 or best offer