Rossi 92, 38/357 lever gun, 16"

about 2 years ago
Rossi 92, 38/357 lever gun, 16"
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Make: Rossi
Model: M92
Caliber: 38/357
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $550
Will ship (Y/N): no
Rossi M92 Carbine (Model #R92-56008)
Handy little 16" lever gun. Shoots .38 Special and .357 Magnum without a hitch.
A few upgrades with parts from Steve's Gunz:
1) replaced plastic mag follower with metal one
2) replaced stiff ejector spring with aftermarket
3) replaced ugly, superfluous safety on top of bolt with fitted plug from Steve's
Rossi guns are decent enough guns for the price, but the are *rough* when factory new. Just pick one up in a gun store you will see. That loading gate is sharp. The hammer spur can cut your thumb, I know!
This Rossi has been deburred, smoothed out, and had its sharp corners rounded. It's much nicer to handle than a new one.