Rossi Circuit Judge Carbine for sale

over 1 year ago
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Long Range Hunting
Circle Pines, MN

Up for sale is a Rossi Circuit Judge in 44 mag with a Millet 1-6x24 power scope, scope has 11 illumination settings, is daylight bright and works well at dusk as well on setting 1.
This optic is also true 1 power, you can run it with both eyes open on 1x, it's tremendous.
It has lockable turrets, haven't had an issue with it.
Combo has 100 or so rounds down the tube, it is more accurate then it should be, though it has only been shot at an indoor 50yd range, so take it for what it's worth.
But with 225gr Hornady ftx it was putting 3 in one hole for me.
Wish I could have got it out to 200yds, but I'm moving so this is going.
Rifle and optic are in excellent shape, I have a limbsaver slip on recoil pad on to lengthen the length of pull, something I do on most every gun I buy.
It is very handy and quick, no malfunctions or problems, was cleaned after each range session.
If it is bought locally I have some ammunition that will go with it, including the 305gr HSM Bear Load I didn't get a chance to try unfortunately.
Looking for $1000, if bought face to face it must be cash, if shipping needed other forms may be used but they will clear before item is shipped.
As fast as can be sight acquisition, 6 shots, comfortable cheek rise on the stock to allow easy sight acquisition even with scope.
And accurate.
Lower right shots were one at 25yds, adjusted elevation, shot 2 at 50 yds, ended in one elongated hole.
Adjusted elevation again and shot the one hole group.
I've shot from 180gr Federals to the 240gr soft points, the 225gr Hornady's were best, but none were bad, I am very happy with the accuracy of this gun.