WTT Shotguns (Riverside)

almost 3 years ago
WTT Shotguns (Riverside)
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(city or county): Riverside

Rossi youth matched pair, Mossberg 500, Remington 870
12ga 870, 12ga 500, 410/17hmr Rossi combo
Location (city or county):
Trades for other firearms only please. I will entertain the idea of most anything. I just have too dang many shotguns sitting around and would like to have some more variety.
Will ship (Y/N):
maybe depending on the deal
Other info:
The Rossi was purchased for my daughter when she was younger. It has 1 box of 410 through the 410 barrel and it has 150rds through the 17hmr barrel. She hardly ever shot it.
The Mossberg 500 was purchased froma a friend needing to offload some guns. Its got some wear and some minor rust but still doesnt look half bad for being a closet gun its whole life.
The Remington 870 is still practically new. Its got 50 shells through it and no cosmetic blemishes that i can really find. Its got a Magpul stock, surefire forend, mesa side shell holder, magpul sling attachments, oversized safety, and it also has a rifled slug barrel with rifle sights attached. (Will not separate). The slug barrel came from a friend and has some wear.
Im looking to trade any or all of these guns towards something new and exciting. Im interested in leverguns, bolt guns, ARs, pistols.. you name it and ill give it some thought.
Im not looking to trade all 3 of my guns here for your old beat to snot 10/22. I will only trade if the estimated values are close. I will also add cash on my end if necessary if you have something nicer to offer.