WTT German HK93A2 Package for trade

almost 6 years ago
WTT German HK93A2 Package for trade
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HK Pro

I have 3 of these and willing to let this one go. I have a trade list so look at it first. It will NOT go to the first I'll take it for sale as I'm really only interested in trading it.
Do not ask to break up package, because I'm not hard up for money and don't have to trade or sell any of the items listed. That is why there is no price listed.
People on this board and other AK, AR, 1919, M2HB, DShK and HK boards that have bought from me will attest to the accuracey of my buys, trades and sales as I go by this user name or Buck on all the other boards.
Unmolested HK93 IB date code 99% only minor insertion marks and unnoticable claw mark (no safe scratches or handling marks), original owner, 9 mags: 7 each 25 round mags IE and HJ date coded (original mag uncoded), 1 steel 40rd, 1 aluminum 40 rd, bought in same year Hensoldt Wetzlar 4x24 99% clear optics, HK 5.56 loader/unloader total of 18 rounds fired (9 to zero iron sight and 9 to zero scope)
Trade items in order of preference:
High end NIB Springfield Armory M1A package
NIB Uzi Model A package
1919A4 package
RPD package
NIB Springfield Armory imported Greek G3 marked only
OBTW, please don't PM me with any offers other than what I have listed. I've had multiples of these PM already and I'm not interested in anything but what I have listed.
Here are the pictures:
Going back to one of the gunsafes for another 30 years on Saturday if not traded by then.