UPO-1/1P29 ak scope

over 1 year ago
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Northwest Firearms

UP for sale is a Like new upo-1 ak scope solared powered/ tritium like a acog these are built to last and u can buy different ballistic cams for the pkm, rpk, etc call or text 225-241-4338 like new condition with carrying case and tools. will fit on SLR101 and wasr10 ak rifles and AES10B Rpk type rifles. scope is like the 1p29 scope . This is a mil spec type russian scope. more info at
1p29 5.45x39.
I only have a 7.62*54r cam installed that's how It can from the factory it would make a great scope on a 7.62*54r vepr rifle.
price is 400$ Will meet FTF in Vancouver or longview or portland
UPO-1 1P29 Combat Red Dot Scope