WTS 7.62x39 Saiga restored AKM Sacramento will ship

over 3 years ago
WTS 7.62x39 Saiga restored AKM Sacramento will ship
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Cal Guns
Nor-Cal Foothills area

Saiga IZ132 7.62x39, restored to AKM configuration.
Comes with 2 Saiga factory 10 round magazines and 2 Tapco 10 round magazines.
Has Solar Tactical paddle for "Featureless," and a mag-lock for using with "evil features".
Tapco G2 double hook FCG
Tapco Gas Piston
Muzzle threaded 14x1mm L
Tactical "Tri-Delta" muzzle break (works awesome)
Damage Industries recoil buffer
AKM cleaning rod that rides under barrel.
Offset washer behind muzzle break retains it under recoil
East German vented gas tube
CSS bolt on handguard retainer
Russian solid wood AKM furniture set
RPK sling (longer than AK sling)
Knock off of Midwest Industries low-rise side mount scope mount (not pictured)
$700.00 FIRM Private party sale available through my FFL in sacramento area (Grass Valley) or ship to FFL of your choice for an additional $30. Make sure your FFL will receive a firearm from a non-FFL, or there will be an additional $50 charge for an FFL on my end.