For sale 2 early 870 Wingmasters, Ruger 77/22, Costa Mesa Armalite AR-7

about 3 years ago
For sale  2 early 870 Wingmasters, Ruger 77/22, Costa Mesa Armalite AR-7
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First up two are beautiful Remington 870 wingmasters. Both have been dated using this search engine.
1) 1965 20 gauge with a 28 inch modified choke 2
shells only. Includes 175 rounds of #7s. This is the model with the heavier 12 GA receiver made up 72. Excellent condition
This 20 Gauge has hit C&R status as of this year (50 years old) and can be transferred to a 03 C&R FFL.
2) 1981 12 Gauge with 2 barrels both 28 inch 2
shells only. Original has a Full choke and the second barrel is a 1983 manufactured Modified choke. Includes 125 rounds of #7s. Excellent condition
20 Gauge on the right
3) Ruger 77/22 manufactured in the first year of production (1984) as per
This is a very sweet rifle and is in remarkable shape for its years. Some small safe dings in the wood by the pistol grip and the metal is excellent. Harris bipod not included, but I will include a Harris copy...
Rifle has been upgraded with a Shilen match barrel (original barrel is also included) and is sporting Leopold Rifleman 3-9 scope in Ruger rings. I will include 6 x 77/22 flat bottom correct 10 round magazines (NOT 10/22 magazines) with the sale.
Here is your chance to own one of the premier .22 bolt action rifles in rare condition
and it comes with extras!
All for $700
4) Original Cost Mesa Armalite Ar-7 survival rifle This is the first of all the Ar-7s and the most reliable of all that have followed. Comes with two 8 round magazines and as shown in the picture it is in collectors condition. I found this rifle to be reliable and accurate using cheap 40 grain round nose .22 ammo
in other words the cheap stuff! Dating this firearm has been a challenge
Armalite did not keep good records, but guessing it dates to the mid to late 1960s
I am available to meet at most local Orange County FFLs for inspection and transfers.
Detailed pictures available upon request. I will ship to a FFL of your choice.