PRICE REDUCED: Tisas Zig M1911 .45acp (GI 1911)

over 4 years ago
PRICE REDUCED: Tisas Zig M1911 .45acp (GI 1911)
philadelphia patriot
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Philly, Montgomery County

I bought a Tisas Zig M1911 over the winter and put 150 rounds through it. It was the first 1911 I ever bought and I wanted to try out the platform. Well, my birthday is coming up and my awesome girlfriend said she'll buy me a Ruger SR1911 commander (yes, my girlfriend is definitely a keeper). Anyways....
I'm selling this barely used Tisas Zig M1911 .45acp. with only 150 rounds ran through it. It comes with its original one (1) Mecgar 8 round mag, its original wood grips, brown rubber grips, black rubber grips and 3 dot white sights (uninstalled and not pictured below - sorry, I forgot to include it in the picture.). I painted the front sight orange using nail polish so if you don't want that it will easily come off. It's a very tight 1911 and I never had any malfunctions with it. The pistol primarily sat in my safe for the past few months minus the 3 range trips I brought it on. It was cleaned after every range trip. My girlfriend jokes around and says I treat my guns better than her.
Price is $380 + you pay for the transfer. I'm located where NE Philly, Montgomery County, and Bucks County all come together.
Package includes:
1 - Tisas 1911-A1 .45acp
2 - 1 MecGar 8-rd mag
3 - Original wood grips
4 - Black rubber grips
5 - Brown rubber grips
6 - 3 dot white sighs (not installed, not pictured)
7 - 20 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 185 grain FTX (not pictured)