6x47 Lapua Barreld Action and Accessories

about 1 year ago
6x47 Lapua Barreld Action and Accessories
Joel Russo
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Long Range Hunting
Harrisburg, PA

Since we're making our own actions now, I'm selling off some of my personal rifles.
I built this rifle for PRS competition, but never made it there due to business commitments.
I am selling only the barreled action and accessories.
* Trued Remington Action
* PTG bolt with Sako extractor
* Spiral fluted bolt by Kampfeld
* NF one piece 20 moa base
* Holland Lug
* Benchmark Fluted Barrel, 8 Twist, 1.250" for 5", straight taper to .930" at 26"
* Custom three row radial port brake, 3/4"x24 tpi
* Thread Protector
* .271" NK, Chambered by Baer
* Graphite Black CeraKote
* 199 pieces of Lapua brass, 122 once fired, 78 loaded but never fired.
* Round count is exactly 122.
* Redding Type "S" Full Length Bushing Die with Wilson neck bushing
* Wilson inline seat die
If you were to put this together today, and buy these accessories, it would cost $3,368.99
I am selling the package for $1,600 shipped.
No trades please, and I will not break up the package.