New SAR K2 45ACP

over 5 years ago
 New SAR K2 45ACP
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New in box the SAR K2 is imported by EAA and built by Sarsilmaz in Turkey.
45 ACP, Great machine work, great single action trigger, 14 round capacity without a huge grip and adjustable sights.
Reported to have very low felt recoil for a 45.
4-1/2" barrel, 14 round magazine, Auto firing pin block, Locked and cocked carry system, single/double-action
Steel frame and slide, Adjustable sights, Accessory rail, extended Beavertail, Elongated trigger guard with serrations
Upper and lower barrel lock-up.
Cash Price is $545
K2 Semi Auto Pistols have been around for a long time. The K2 takes many of the modern designs and puts them in one pistol to come up with one of the best high capacity semi auto pistols in the world. Built by Sarsilmaz for the Turkish Military, the K2 is truly an amazing gun to shoot. The grip is comfortable, it points well and felt recoil is amazing low for the caliber being used. Get your hands on a K2 and you will put your other Semi Auto pistols in your safe.
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