6mm ackley improved

over 4 years ago
6mm ackley improved
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Long Range Hunting

Savage 110 long action staggered feed
Tuned 3 screw trigger it's light and breaks like glass
Er shaw 26in varmint contour barrel
SSS recoil lug
Choate tactical stock painted in gap camo
Egw 20 moa base
Tps rings
Vortex viper hs 5-15x44
Redding 3 die set
40 handloads, and some factory ammo and once fired brass
Action and barrel painted od green
Rifle has 75-100 rounds down the tube and will shoot half moa out to 350 yds, that's all the farther I've shot it. It will feed from the internal box mag. This gun will do devastating things to groundhogs. Asking $1400 obo