Savage custom 280 AI (Darkeagle Custom)

about 1 year ago
Savage custom 280 AI (Darkeagle Custom)
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Long Range Hunting

I had Dan at Darkeagle put all this together for me. I got busy and never even fired it. It's too nice to sit in the safe. Here's the specs:
True action
Precision ground lug
Install Criterion 280 match 9 twist barrel/headspace 280AI (5/8x24)
SS bolt handle
Inset case head in knob of handle
Stockade woodchuck with adjustable cheek and decelerator; guncoated black
Stress free bed receiver
Stress free bed EGW scope base
Install TBAC CB brake
Blast stock to remove old paint
GunKote barreled receiver
Adjust 3-screw trigger
Kick-eez pad on cheek piece
Paint stock
I'm into it for just under $2300. I'm looking to get $1700 to your FFL. I'll also include 99 Norma .280 brass. 20 are primed. I also have dies.