Schmidt Rubin 1911, Rem 870 Express, Sonoma County,No Shipping

about 4 years ago
Schmidt Rubin 1911, Rem 870 Express, Sonoma County,No Shipping
Schmidt Rubin
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Sonoma County

870 Express
12 Gauge, 3"
Sonoma County
Will ship (N):
This a basic 870 from the late 90s, has the metal trigger assembly. I am the first owner, lots of rounds through it. 24" vent rib barrel, 1 modified screw in choke included. It started having some failure to feed issues, the elevator wouldn't lift the shell quite high enough and it would hang up on the bottom of the chamber. Probably an easy fix, but I don't the resources to trouble shoot it right now (plus I bought another one). Good project gun or beater shooter.
Transfer at your choice of FFL in Sonoma County or nearby, buyer pays all fees.
Swiss Schmidt Rubin
1911 Straight Pull rifle
7.5x55 Swiss (GP11)
Sonoma County
Will ship (N):
One of the most accurate milsurps, especially with GP 11 ammo. Two blemishes, shown below: scrape on stock and part of the bolt handle leathery stuff (technical term) is missing. Shoots great. There is no troop tag under the buttplate, I looked. I think that was more of a K31 thing. Fun rifle. I have 10-15 rounds that I'll throw in as well. I have a sling for it as well.
Buyer pays all fees, transfer at FFL in Sonoma County or nearby.