(1) Defiance Machine Actions - Changed and $$ DROP

over 5 years ago
(1) Defiance Machine Actions - Changed and $$ DROP
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I have a couple of Defiance Short actions I am going to send down the road. They are both built identically, hybrid port, AW mag well, and blended tang. Bolts are PTG. They both come with a PPC bolt face, but can be turned out to standard 308 size pretty easily, they have mini M-16 extractors, and are tig welded handles.
The action that is in the stock comes with (2) bolts, one a .308 bolt face and the other with the PPC bolt face. It has been used, shot around 500 rounds through it. It is action only, just haven't taken it all apart yet.
Both actions will come with a Timney 510-U trigger (includes standard sear so you could use it on a different action), and a Seekins 20MOA base. The action in the stock has a 32# wolff firing pin spring in it. The other action comes with factory 24# spring and a used 28# spring.
You can see in the picture, on the .308 bolt face bolt, I bushed the pin on it, you can see the plug hasn't been polished down to the face level, but it functions perfectly. While your smith has it to do the chambering work, it wouldn't take much more to clean that up as well.
OK, I am changing up how to sell these:
Used action alone: $850 shipped with 1 bolt your choice w/ 32# spring
New Action: $900 shipped Action alone PPC bolt, 28# spring
2nd bolt: Add $125
Turn PPC bolt Face to .473: Add $25
Timney Trigger Used: Add $120 (with both sears)
Timney Trigger NIB: Add $125 (with both sears)
Seekins Rail Used: Add $85
Seekins Rail NIW: Add $95
Thanks for looking: