WTS MP5, 91, 51/PDW Stuff

over 4 years ago
WTS MP5, 91, 51/PDW Stuff
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HK Pro
Lehigh Valley, PA

From top to bottom, left to right:
First I have an unused, LNIB PTR Aluminum forearm. I bought this to eventually attach rails and VLTOR Modpods to, but never got around to it. Asking $100 shipped.
Next, I have a G3/91 Wide forearm and Stock set in OD Green. Asking $60 shipped for the pair. SOLD to Uspsp
Next is the Contract G3/91 bipod. Asking $50 shipped. If bought with the OD Stock set, $100 for all three, shipped. SOLD to Uspsp
A lot of what seem to be factory german Hammers, Sears and triggers. All came out of MP5 Parts kits. One hammer is marked XX. One sear is marked "SW 1" - may be a Special Weapons part - not sure. $40 for the lot.
PTR-PDW End cap. People have been asking for these, so here you go. HKParts is selling them for $65 when bought with an entire recoil backplate assembly. Asking $30 shipped.
FMP Tropical Green Slim Handguard $10 shipped.
FMP Slim Handguard Cerakoted in Federal Brown - $20 shipped.
USPS MO, or PayPal.