WTS 45-120 Shiloh Sharps Rifle with extras

over 2 years ago
WTS 45-120 Shiloh Sharps Rifle with extras
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45-120 Shiloh Sharps Rifle
Comes with flip up tang sight (C. Sharps Arms Co. Inc.) I believe good out to 400 yards
8 different front sight appetures and extra hold down clips
Extra stock has been drilled for a sling swivel (see pic)
RCBS Die set
I know that the picture is blurry but the brass is a mix of Norma and .45 basic brass (I think RCBS)
27 loaded rounds 45-120 loaded with Jim Shockies Gold 100gr by volume 500gr cast bullet (45-70 just for comparison)
33pcs of clean brass
18 pcs of brass that weren't properly cleaned after shooting should be fine after a good clean up
The rifle itself is a very nice rifle. It is sold as pictured. The bore is bright and shiny. I would like to sell locally. I will ship to your FFL if needed, we would need to make shipping arrangements. I am asking $2150 for the entire setup. Please ask any questions that you might have. And I can also send a bunch more pictures if requested, by email.
Thank you for looking