AK-54R, Sacramento. Will ship.

about 1 year ago
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Waffen Werks AK-54R
Build on new PSL parts kit with new PSL cut/recrown barrel.
$1400 ftf or 1450 shipped
WTS, excellent condition AK-54R by Waffen Werks.
Bought it in 2010, shot about 40 rounds trough it, no issues, very accurate rifle. A blast to shoot when compared to a regular AK.
Very smooth action, nice trigger.
Has Vepr adjustable rear sight, will include original as well.
It will accept AK (AKM) furniture but it will require some fitting.
Comes with 5 magazines (and a pouch). Another pistol grip and original brake.
These are very rare, not all that many have been made.
Not interested in any trades at the moment.