Jon Wolfe built M1A Match Rifle - Fulton Armory Receiver, 5R Barrel, McMillan stock

almost 2 years ago
Jon Wolfe built M1A Match Rifle - Fulton Armory Receiver, 5R Barrel, McMillan stock
Sig Sauer
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Cal Guns
(city or county): San Diego

Make: Jon Wolfe
Model: M1A Match Rifle
Caliber: 7.62x51
Location (city or county): San Diego
Price: $5250
Will ship (Y/N): yes
More pictures: link, link, link, link, link.
Jon Wolfe built match rifle. If you clicked this ad, you probably know what you are looking at.
The highlights:
- Fulton Rear Lug Receiver
- Wolfe 5R/20 Modified Medium Weight Barrel
- LRB Bolt with USGI internals, USGI chrome firing pin
- McMillan Stock Woodland Camo Stock
- TRW Trigger Housing with mixed USGI parts
I have not fired this rifle. It is exactly as received from Jon Wolfe. Getting a match rifle built takes a long time these days. By the time it was complete, I had started shooting a different rifle.
Fully match conditioned. Som more details:
- HRA Op Rod
- Tubb's Op Rod Spring and Hammer Spring
- Sadlak Op Rod Spring Guide
- USGI Complete Gas Piston Assembly, untized by Jon (welded)
- Fulton Rear NM sight, Treeline NM front sight
- California Muzzle Brake, with USGI Castle Nut, bored for accuracy
Unfired and available for now. I have a feeling if I shoot it, I will not want to sell it.
Some notes from Jon:
During test fire today, your rifle functioned and fired perfectly.
I was glad we finally hit the magic combination and found the sweet spot with the Federal Gold Medal.
I've set your trigger to a crisp 5 lbs and anticipate it will lighten up after a few hundred rounds to approximately 4.6lbs after the components develop a mating pattern.
However, even at 5lbs, it feels great.
The rear lug was installed with a stainless steel rear pillar and 1/4x28 stainless steel hexagonal screw head.
I fully bedded the receiver to the stock, installed your front ferrule in alignment with the heel of the receiver and set proper band tension in addition to fitting a handguard to the modified/unitized gas cylinder.
The chamber has a .3425 neck and a freebore that allows seating to the lands without the projectile running out of the magazine.