WTS: Swiss Arms/ SIG 553 P Railed Version

almost 5 years ago
WTS: Swiss Arms/ SIG 553 P Railed Version
Sig Sauer
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I have a Swiss Arms/SIG 553P (pistol) up for sale. It has been test fired at the factory and I test fired it with 20 rounds of M855 for function. There is a small bit of brass color discoloration on the ejection port which is common on all SIG rifles. This is one of the pistols imported in by M&M last year and is one of the first Swiss Arms products to be brought into the country in quite some time. This one is the factory railed version, which does have a minimalistic set of BUIS on it, but is perfect for mounting a MRDS to. It features a 10??? barrel threaded 1/2x28 for use with all common US flash hiders. The twist rate is 1:10 which is the Swiss spec for optimized use with the 63 gr GP90 round. It will shoot common 556 ammo very well, except for maybe the heaviest loads. If you buy the package It comes with the new production Swiss Arms aluminum lower receiver, and with the sale you will also get a perfectly matching separate Swiss Arms steel lower receiver that has a SAN stock on it, essentially giving you a complete lower spare parts kit. You???ll get the box it came in and the factory manual, along with 2 (20 round magazines) and 2 (30 round magazines), a bag of Swiss stripper clips and a magazine adaptor for the stripper clips. There are/were a very limited number of these pistols imported into the US. This is the only 553 available for purchase outside of LE channels in the US. It is a great project for a SBR as with the separate lower, you will be 2 push pins away from the world???s highest quality SBR once your ATF Form 1 is approved. The distributor price on these is just shy of $4000. You can research what the separate steel lowers go for with a stock and pistol grip (usually north of $1000). I will take $3650 for just the pistol, case and manual or $4350 for the whole package, certified check only. Please email me at chadlatham at gmail dot com and do not PM me through the board as I am on the road often and rarely have time to check PMs.
The only trade I am interested in is a new to newish KAC SR-25 ECC.