WTT/WTS: Russian Tula '86 AKS74u - Krinkov, Concord (NorCal)Will Ship-Safe Queen

about 1 year ago
WTT/WTS: Russian Tula '86 AKS74u - Krinkov, Concord (NorCal)Will Ship-Safe Queen
Sig Sauer
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Cal Guns

Russian Tula '86
Excellent condition
Concord (Bay Area)
$3200 OBO.. Willing to trade for 7.62x39 (yugo crates), and/or 5.45 (7n6 crates).
Will ship or FTF
Professionally built Russian Aks74u. I'm the original owner. Rifle is black nitrided (Everything, but springs). Built using a virgin V5 Bluejack barrel, and a New old stock all parts matching Tula '86 kit. This rifle is a safe queen and only has 80 rounds down pipe, that I used to test fire, after it was professionally built by NEG in Tennessee on an NDS receiver. Rifle has modern poly furniture, a Bulgarian top cover, as it allows for better sight acquisition (I still have the original Russian top cover), Izzy poly folding stock (pinned for ca legality), with a barrel extension (can), that is blind pinned. In a free state, extension can be removed, once SBR stamp is approved. Also, pin can be removed to enable folding stock, once in a free state.
Good luck finding a fine built rifle like this anywhere in California. Shipping these things here, are next to impossible due to our import laws.
Rifle (80 rounds shot through it with a mix of Hornady, and 7n6)
Original Russian Booster (New old stock)
Original Russian '86 Dated sling (very rare, Unissued)
Pin and spring for folding stock
Modern polymer furniture
Bullet Button
Russian drop case
Original Russian Mag Pouch
Original Russian Oil Bottle
Optional Buys - All New and unissued ($350 for the set)
Original Russian Tula Triangle Ribbed stock (4.5mm pin)
Original Russian Tula wood hand guards
Original Russian Plum hand grip
Original Russian Top cover - New and unissued ($110)
Enjoy the photos. If you have any questions, feel free to post or PM.