Rem 700 SPS Tactical Rifle & Rem 870 Express Tactical Shotgun with Custom Case

about 3 years ago
Rem 700 SPS Tactical Rifle & Rem 870 Express Tactical Shotgun with Custom Case
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Make: Remington
Model: 700 SPS Tactical
Caliber: .308 / 7.62
Location (city or county): Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore
Price: $2,900
Will ship (Y/N): N
Other info: This is an almost brand-new rifle with awesome upgrades and top of the line scope. Zeroed in at 100 yards, shoots extremely well, have shot only 80 rounds through it. Selling for personal reasons. The rifle is in absolutely top shape.
It includes the following:
- Remington 700 SPS Tactical rifle in .308 with 20" Heavy Barrel ($750 cost including FFL)
- JP Tactical Compensator (Muzzlebrake) added by a professional gunsmith threading the barrel ($300 cost including installation). Also have the Thread Protector if you decide to take out the muzzlebrake. The muzzlebrake really makes the recoil very comfortable.
- Vortex Viper PST 4-16x FFP Scope (Yes, FIRST FOCAL PLANE, the more expensive type) with Mil/MRAD reticle and MRAD Turrets, Illumination and Parallax Turrets ($800 cost). This scope is just awesome. Ask any Vortex owner, they swear by it.
- XLR Evolution Chassis. This is a very light, very sturdy and infinitely adjustable chassis with a 14" free-floating handguard. Comes with a 20 MOA rail for the scope, one for bipod, one for monopod and two rails for other accessories. Also includes a QD sling mount and a 5-round AICS magazine ($1,050 cost including chassis, rails and mag).
- Primary Arms tactical scope rings of exactly the right height ($55 cost).
- Accu-Shot Monopod that is QD detachable ($150 cost including monopod, rail and adapter).
- Butler Creek scope flip-up covers and a brand new QD Sling that is not shown in the photos ($20 cost).
- KRG Bolt Knob ($35 cost)
- 4 boxes of .308 soft point ammo, and 1.5 boxes of copper ammo, which is $35/box ($80 value).
- The original Hogue overmold soft touch stock.
The $2,900 price does NOT include the following:
- Atlas Bipod shown with the rifle.
- The rifle cases, which are $150 for the big one for rifles and $50 for the small one. As you can see the case foam is custom cut for these 2 rifles. These are very high quality SKB I-Series cases (3I-4217-7B-L and 3I-2015-7B-C).
The rifle has been assembled after lots of research and with lots of care to make sure every component is the best one. I did the barrel break in myself over 4 hours at the range. I have cleaned it with extreme care using a bore guide and J. Dewey rod with nylon brushes.
Make: Remington
Model: 870 Express Tactical
Caliber: 12GA
Location (city or county): Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore
Price: $800
Will ship (Y/N): N
Other Info: This is an almost brand-new shotgun in absolutely top shape. It has a lot of awesome upgrades. Has been shot only 20 rounds of slugs to zero the red dot sights at 50 yards. Selling for personal reasons. I am also selling my Remi 700 SPS Tactical in a separate listing.
The $800 price includes the following:
- The Remington 870 Express Tactical 12 Gauge shotgun ($570 cost). It accepts 2-and-3/4" and 3" shells. The Remi 870 is one of the most tried, tested and reliable shotguns in the world.
- Bushnell First Strike Red Dot Sight ($100 cost). This sight has a light sensor on it that turns the red dot off when you put the plastic cap on it, so your batteries don't go dead if you forget to turn it off. In fact, it doesn't have an on/off switch. Just open the cap and shoot, close it when finished and that's it.
- Mesa Tactical 4-Shell Carrier ($65 cost).
- Mesa Tactical Magazine Clamp that looks way cooler than the factory one (which is still included) and has QD sling slots on both sides ($100 cost).
- 5-Position Round Picatinny Clamp that lets you mount lights and lasers on it at different angles ($15 cost)
- A brand new, unused set of 4 Carlsons Choke Tubes for Remington ($80 cost)
- Remington Choke Wrench ($10 cost)
The price does NOT include the Light+Laser combo shown in some of the photos, which you can have for $65 extra.
Will sell for cash only for local pickup and FFL transfer in Dublin/Pleasanton/Livermore area.