4 sks rifles for sale, 2 russians, yugo, norinco

12 months ago
4 sks rifles for sale, 2 russians, yugo, norinco
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SKS sale
South OC, such as Ammo Bros, santa ana, rifle gear, Ammo bros Cerritos, Ammo bros Ontario, OC Armory, Iron sights Oceanside, and shipping to an FFL near you.
These guns have all had the triggers worked to some extent, along with cleaning of the firing pin chambers, etc.
While not as nice as a RRA match AR trigger, they are way better than a stock SKS, and better than most AK triggers.
The Norinco doesnt not have the scope on it any longer, but I will sell it with the mount. I left the mount cover guard pin in place.
I have a Chinese pin but I cant find it presently. So the gun will be sold with the pin from the mount and the mount not attached.
The yugo does NOT have a grenade launcher!
So please leave you ATF hat off and dont send me a PM. It looks like a grenade launcher, but its only half of it, with a muzzle brake. The yugo stock has a few safe dents in it which I will post in time.
No offers entertained. Send me an offer and I will place you on ignore for eternity.
No trades.
Cash only
The red Russian is not matching with the stock, and some parts appear forced matched.
The plainer stocked Russian is pretty much matching, but not totally.
The yugo and Norinco are matching.
PM questions. If you want 100 pictures, please buy someone elses gun, dont waste my time. I have found the guys who ask for tons of pictures are the ones who never buy ship anyway and low ball you after they suck out 2 hours of your time.
And yes, we all know how you used to buy SKS's from big five for $20.00 with a semi truck of ammo, so please save us from the story....again.
Yugo $450.00
Red Russian $600.00
Plain Russian $600.00