WASR AK,x2 SKS, K31,M39

almost 2 years ago
WASR AK,x2 SKS, K31,M39
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Northeast Shooters

I have the following rifles for sale, maybe trade but mostly looking for cash.
Sale will be ftf EFA10 or at local gun shop on buyers dime.
-WASR GP AK fully mass neutered.
I bought the rifle about a 1.5 years ago and it is a solid rifle, one of the new production wasr's with blonde stock and non canted sights.
Has a x2 tru glo red dot and a unknown mount and they work perfectly for the rifle. Comes with 9 preban mags, mount and red dot. $1000
-K31. A great shooter with an exceptional trigger, great metal and shiny bore.
Has the standard K31 stock and all numbers match. Comes with 150 rounds of GP11 ammo. 500$
-Yugo sks. Great shooter with all numbers matching.
The bore is a little frosty but lands and grooves are strong and shoots great groups. 400$
-Chinese factory 306 sks. Dust cover is a replacement that was on the rifle when i bought it, all other numbers match.
Great condition. 375$
-Antique receiver M39. Built on a 1897 Izhevsk receiver. Beautiful stock and good metal.
Great bore with a great trigger to match.
On the fence on selling this one. - 500$