Like new .223 Wylde AR

almost 2 years ago
Skyy Industries
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Northwest Firearms

Like New .223 Wylde AR-15
Decided to do a rebuild on this rifle based on feedback of the 300BLK. It has a brand new 16" .223 Wylde Barrel with a lightweight profile. The Surefire Procomp helps reduce recoil. I have also installed JP Enterprises Lower hammer and trigger springs and a trigger adjustment screw. This brings a mil-spec lpk down to around 3.5lbs and removes all the creep.
Less than 150 rounds through this rifle.
Price $750 plus $10 for the background check
Aero Precision Upper Receiver
Aero Precision Lower Receiver
Mil-spec BCG
New JP Enterprises low power springs
New Trigger adjustment screw
BCM Gunfight Charging Handle
Fortis 12" REV Rail
MFT Fore grip
New lightweight 16" 223 Wylde Barrel
Mid-length Gas system
FAB Defense Grip
Strike Industries safety selector
Surefire Procomp Muzzle brake