WTS/T: Featureless FIME VEPR FM-74 & WASR 10, San Jose, No Shipping

about 1 year ago
Skyy Industries
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): San Jose

Make: Molot Oruzhie Ltd/FIME Group, Cugir/Century
Model: FM-AK74 and WASR-10
Caliber: 5.45x39, 7.62x39
Location (city or county): San Jose
Price: 1,700 for VEPR, 600 for WASR
Will ship (Y/N): No, but can travel within reasonable distance
Other info: Vepr brand new in box, WASR has seen 5 rounds.
Both firearms will come with ammo (500 rounds of 7.62) (750 rounds of 5.45)
Guess who just got the go ahead to move to Free America?!
This guy!
Looking to keep these fine rifles in circulation in California for fellow 2A supporters to have fun with.
Both are in featureless configuration
Both have yet to see any actual use other than the test fire of the WASR and the safe queen VEPR.
Removed the shepard's hook from the WASR and installed a retaining plate, VEPR already has one.
I also have a Midwest Industries optic mount for either rifle.
I am considering trades for both, maybe a 2 for one trade?
Looking for handguns (off roster preferred), optics, ammo, or any of the three plus cash to match trade value.
Lemme know what you have, worst I can say is no thanks.
Thanks for reading and god bless