Ishapore 2A (Lee-Enfield) - in 7.6251mm NATO

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Ishapore 2A (Lee-Enfield) - in 7.6251mm NATO
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Ishapore 2A (Lee-Enfield) - in 7.6251mm NATO PRICE = $285 / OBO !
The Ishapore 2A is a 7.6251mm NATO calibre bolt-action rifle adopted as a reserve arm by the Indian Armed Forces in 1963. The design of the rifle - initially the Rifle 7.62mm 2A - began at the Ishapore Rifle Factory of the Ordnance Factories Board in India, soon after the Sino-Indian War of 1962.Externally the Ishapore 2A rifle is based upon (and is almost identical to) the .303 British calibre SMLE Mk III (Lee-Enfield) rifle, with the exception of the distinctive square (10 or 12 round) magazine and the use of the buttplate from the 1A (Indian version of the FN FAL) rifle.
The Ishapore 2A rifles are often incorrectly described as ".308 conversions." In fact, the 2A rifles are not conversions of .303 calibre SMLE Mk III (Lee-Enfield) rifles: they were designed and built right from the outset to fire 7.62mm NATO ammunition. Although the 7.62mm NATO and commercial .308 Winchester ammunition are physically interchangeable, these weapons were not designed for use with commercial .308 Winchester ammunition.
They are excellent quality rifles, extremely accurate, and though they are somewhat visually unappealing thanks to the rough treatment they received in service as well as the typical Indian black stoving (enamel paint) finish. This paint can be easily removed, and the good wood underneath finished as you desire, or keep it original as a collector piece. Price = $285 / OBO !