M38 Mosin for M1891 Mosin, WWI SMLE/ShtLE

about 4 years ago
M38 Mosin for M1891 Mosin, WWI SMLE/ShtLE
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NE Philadelphia

The M38 is a 1944 Izhevsk produced M38 rifle. The bluing is great, and the rifle was degreased by a previous owner, who probably only shot it a few times. Bore is shiny with strong rifling. The receiver is smooth, not the typical rough finish of the wartime expedient rifles. Shellac is in good shape with only a few handling marks. Deep red shellac typical of the post war refurb, and an M44 stock. Bolt does not match the receiver, another typical refurb feature. Normally Ivan the factory worker would grind down the old serial and engrave the new one, guess he was feeling lazy when he got to this rifle. Comes with a sling. Overall, a very nice example of an M38 rifle.
Would like to trade for an M1891 rifle, the one that came before the 91/30. I might also consider a nice WWI Lee-Enfield rifle from 1918 or before. Maybe even a Berthier or Lebel from 1918 or before. No sporters please. I would prefer that the M1891 is complete and at least has the upper handguard. I am located in NE Philadelphia, and can do the trade near Tanners, Surplus City, Classic Pistol, or Claytons. PM me if interested.
If you can't tell, I'm on a WWI kick right now.