Three (3) Rifles for Sale Modesto Area

about 2 years ago
Three (3) Rifles for Sale Modesto Area
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French Model MAS 45 training rifle chambered in 22 Long Rifle Caliber.
Large full size rifle made with metal and wood, solid as a rock and extremely accurate.
These rifles are very desirable and hard to find.
The rear sight is calibrated for the 22 LR.
Gun is in excellent condition.
Price $600.
British SMLE chambered in 303 caliber.
This is a No 1 Mk 4.
Barrel is very good to excellent condition.
Overall condition is very good.
Price $395
This is a Custom Enfield.
It is chambered in 30/40 Krag caliber.
The barrel is a Douglas Premium Air Gauge target barrel.
It has a Timney Trigger.
The rear sight is a Lyman 48.
The magazine has been modified to fit flush with the stock.
The stock has a Schnabel forend.
Also has a Neider buttplate.
Lots of custom work on this rifle.
Price $950