WTS: Grenade Launcher Cup for SMLE Wire Wrapped Rifle...Reproduction

over 4 years ago
WTS: Grenade Launcher Cup for SMLE Wire Wrapped Rifle...Reproduction
Richard in NY*
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WTS: British SMLE & No.3 (P14) Stamped Steel Cup Grenade Launcher...Reproduction
I listed this Discharger Cup (Grenade Launcher) for sale here a couple of years ago and it did not sell, so, with the recent import of a small number of the Wire Wrapped SMLE Grenade launching rifles I thought now would be a good time to try again. This time I decided to pull my wire wrapped SMLE out of storage so I could take photos of what this Cup looks like when mounted. And I'm glad I did because it allows me to more accurately describe it.
Despite owning this piece for more than 25 years I never tried to attach it to a rifle. When I did this afternoon to take the photos I discovered that it would not lock in place.
As you can see in the photos, the Cup attached to the nose cap and muzzle of the SMLE by way of a fitted base plate which has two holes. The first hole slides over the round bayonet stud and the second lines-up with the muzzle/bore. There's a sheet metal "channel link" which locks in place on the bayonet lug and is held in place by a "link" of heavy gauge wire. Once this arrangement is configured, the Cup is screwed down (it's threaded through the attachment base plate) so that it forces against the muzzle, takes up the slack in the sheet metal channel link and the wire link, and locks the entire assembly in place. At least, that's what I think is supposed to happen. PLEASE SEE THE DIAGRAM BELOW FROM THE ORIGINAL BRITISH ARMORER'S MANUAL.
The hole in the attachment base plate is too small and the round bayonet stud will not squeeze through. It is so close, that if I hit it with a rubber mallet it would no doubt slide right in. I don't want to do that because I don't want to scrape my SMLE nose cap and I don't want to mess-up the launcher. I believe that a few seconds with a round file, sand paper or a Dremel tool would open the hole so it would slide in place. It's that close to fitting.
Please note that I do not have a P14 Enfield rifle so I cannot test whether it would also fit that rifle like the original would.
SORRY for the confusing description. The photos will no doubt explain it better than I can with words:
Price: $85 (includes delivery by US Priority Mail within CONUS.)
First time stamped post stated "I'll take it", gets it. Please send me a PM to confirm. I will be also posting this on the AR15.com sale forum and maybe others but I'll give it a day or so here before I do.
What follows is my original ad description from 2012:
I purchased this launcher cup approximately 25 years ago. I paid $200 back in 1985 or '86. Needless to say, that was a lot of money back then.
It was sold as an emergency war-time expedient launcher designed to simplify and economize production in 1940. It was further represented as being adaptable for use with either the SMLE or the P14. I wish this was an original piece, but the consensus of the knowledgeable forum members here is that it is a reproduction.
A detailed discussion and lots of photos appeared in this thread back in June:
As you can see from the photos, it is a pretty accurate, but not perfect copy of the original, but just about unobtainable launcher.
I am selling this piece as a collector?s item only. I can only sell it to you if you are in the US, over the age of 18 and it is legal for you to purchase it. By purchasing anything from me, you are hereby representing to me that you are an adult and that there are no laws, rules or regulations preventing you from making the purchase. Payment to be made by US Postal Money Order or PayPal only. Thank you.
ALSO, please note that I am selling this piece AS IS. I cannot warrant its safety if it's attached to a rifle and the rifle is fired. I also cannot guarantee that it will fit though I can honestly state that I believe it will with just a little minor fitting.