Incredible Dakota Model 10 260 Rem WTT Blaser F16 shotgun

almost 2 years ago
Incredible Dakota Model 10 260 Rem WTT Blaser F16 shotgun
Sport Arms
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Long Range Hunting

I finally did it.
I always swore I'd never own a rifle that I wouldn't take out and use the heck out of it but this rifle is so incredibly beautiful that I just can't do it.
If I took it out and scratched it (which I know darn well I would), I'd end up sending it back to Dakota Arms for repair which kinda defeats the purpose of having it to use.
To that end I'm letting it go.
I'm looking for an even up trade for a Blaser F16 Sporting shotgun or will sell for $3950.
Below is a great description of the rifle as provided by GHAY who sold me this wonderful piece;
This is by far the most beautiful rifle I have ever owned, held, shot and maybe ever seen. I am going to miss just getting it out of the safe and just bringing it to my shoulder. It just exudes quality and "feel". On top of that, it really shoots. I have not gotten to fire more than 75 rounds in break in and preliminary load development but it will be a shooter for sure.
Action: Dakota's proprietary "falling Block " type single shot. It is color case hardened including the lever, grip cap and trigger guard.
Scope/Rings/Bases: Rings and Bases are Talley and the scope is a Leupold VXIII
2.5 x 8 x36.
There are a couple of very tiny handling marks I couldn't get to show up in the photos but otherwise it is "as new".
The barrel is 23" long and has a barrel band sling swivel.
The wood stock is an exceptional "AAA" grade but is easily as pretty as any I have ever seen.
If you're not familiar with these rifles, I can only say it is the handiest little gun I've ever shot. One rifleman I know said "it's like picking up a fine fly rod when you pick up a Model 10". I couldn't agree more.
Pictures are also from Gary and used with his permission:
If you're not familiar with the 260 Rem. - just think of the 6.5 Creedmoor as these two cartridges are almost identical.
I might have pushed a single box of 260s through it since I purchased.
I'm on the bubble as to selling it so I'm not really in a mood to even respond to low-ball offers.
If you know Blasers, then you can appreciate the Dakota.